Oct 22, 2016

Jimmy Bruno & Joe Beck - Polarity (2000)

Jimmy Bruno & Joe Beck - Polarity
(Concord Jazz Records., issued 2000)

These two guitarists, seemingly dissimilar in style, are in lockstep throughout this recording. Bruno plays most of the lead lines, with Beck comping behind him on the alto guitar he invented. Long one of the best-kept secrets in jazz, Beck had a couple of minor hits (his album with David Sanborn on CTI in the '70s comes to mind), as well as performing and recordings with the likes of Gil Evans, Duke Ellington, Paul Simon, Buddy Rich, and Frank Sinatra, among many others. In fact, it was Rich's decision to use Beck instead of Bruno at a session that led to the latter's leaving Rich's band. But any animosity that might have existed is long forgotten, and these two make exquisite music together. The set consists of standards such as "Lazy Afternoon," "Eleanor Rigby," "Tenderly" (featuring Beck on solo guitar), "Cherokee" and the like, along with one original by each of the guitarists. At first, you might think that you would miss the rhythm section, but from the first notes, that is not an issue. For those who want to hear the tradition of electric jazz guitar, as well as its future, this is the place to go. -by Ross Boissoneau

1. How Long Has This Been Going On 4:36
2. Lazy Afternoon 4:33
3. Polarity 4:10
4. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 4:13
5. Eleanor Rigby 5:15
6. Estate 5:57
7. Summertime 3:48
8. Tenderly 4:20
9. Carioca Blue 4:47
10. Emily 4:05
11. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You 4:16
12. Cherokee 4:14
13. Poem For #15 5:00

Jimmy Bruno - Guitar
Joe Beck - Alto Guitar

Oct 20, 2016

Warner Jazz - Les Incontournables - Guitare (3 cd Set)(2000)

3 cd sets in a pack - Wes Montgomery + Joe Pass + George Benson. Wes's selection from Riverside. Pass from Pablo and Benson from Warner Bros. An essential set for great Jazz Guitar.

Garrison Fewell - A Blue Deeper Than The Blue (1992)

Garrison Fewell - A Blue Deeper Than The Blue (1992) 
(Accurate Records, issued 1994)
The Bill Evans of the Guitar. - Todd Kennedy, WFIT Melbourne, FL

The very title of Fewell's CD - A Blue Deeper Than the Blue - suggests the layered indigo shades and poetic echoes heard from his guitar. Each note has shape and substance, each solo definition and flexibility... legato phraseology, ripe emotions, pristine beauties of sound. - Fred Bouchard, JazzTimes

His beautiful tone and effortless, fluid lines draw the listener in as only a select few have done... a fine guitarist who appeals on the sublime, emotional level of a Bill Evans or a Jim Hall. - James Rozzi, Wired Magazine

Garrison Fewell's mainstream guitar sound goes back through Grant Green and Jim Hall... But only Fewell’s tone is retro. His active imagination is restless; his musical intelligence is acute; his standards are high. Are You Afraid of the Dark? has prettiness with plenty of brains and balls. **** four stars. - James Conrad, Downbeat
Boston electric guitarist Fewell (pronounced "Fuel") had his first recording live at Sculler's Jazz Club, with a formidable backup band of pianist Fred Hersch, bassist Cecil McBee, and drummer Matt Wilson. His sound is amplified but not treated, quite reflective of his influences: Pat Martino, Jim Hall, and to a lesser degree, endorser Larry Coryell. Single lines are much more prevalent than chords, and speed demon excesses take a backseat to beauty and melodic substance on these seven lengthy selections. Fewell seems most comfortable with ballads; here there are three. He wrote "Moon Over Mt. Sumeru," in which the guitar's loping lines are set up by the tumbleweed-rolling piano of Hersch. Another original "U Mandara Ke" (Mandara Flower) is a bit more resonant in its resolve, very similar to the style of Sonny Greenwich. Benny Golson's "Park Avenue Petite" further displays Fewell weaving thick cotton threads through tapestries of sky and seascapes. McBee is the standout as usual. His bold solo on the bop-infused "Blues Update" -- penned by Fewell -- along with Wilson's reticent or lavishly embellished, traded-four drum witticisms, makes this one a keeper. The bassist is also all over a lengthy intro for the busy bossa (again courtesy of Wilson) "Brazilian Breeze" where the guitarist/author uses more chordal accents while Hersch's solo doubles the time at will, presenting the band at their melodic best. McBee's midsection bridge solo for the quick Frank Foster waltz "Simone" is pure delight, with Hersch and Fewell hammering out bronzed solos in a harder swing. This piece unexpectedly fades out after 11 and a half minutes (during a club date? bad editing, or time saving?) Another Golson composition, "Out of the Past," kicks off the CD in an easy swing with much interplay, offering a nice precursor for the rest of the set. Overall, this is a good to very good first effort from a player who seems to have a voice, but doesn't exploit it to its fullest capacity, as if he were leaning on his clearly virtuosic sidemen. It's also a bit on the laid-back side, yet, as a very pleasing outing, it should hip the world to one of the better unknown jazz guitar heroes. Recommended. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide
1. Out Of The Past
2. Moon Over Mt. Sumeru
3. Simone
4. U Mandara Ke
5. Brazilian Breeze
6. Park Avenue Petite
7. Blues Update

Garrison Fewell (Guitar), Fred Hersch (Piano), Cecil McBee (Bass), Matt Wilson (Drums).

Guitar Workshop in L.A. (1988)

Nice jazz-fusion guitar work, it features Jeff Baxter, Buzzy Feiten, James Harrah and Teddy Castellucci.

1 Take It All (4:43)
2 Hyper Stork (5:14)
3 Donna (4:31)
4 Bawls (3:28)
5 Beverly Hills (4:18)
6 Bull Funk (5:31)
7 Vicky's Song (4:16)
8 Roppongi (4:47)
9 Blues for Ronnie (5:44)
10 Skunk Blues (2:05)

Jeff Baxter Bass, Guitar, Producer, Bass Programming, Programming, Drums
Howard "Buzz" Feiten Guitar
James Harrah Guitar
Teddy Castellucci Guitar

Jeff Porcaro Drums
John Pena Bass
Suzanne Sherman Coordination, Production Coordination
Steve Tavaglione Synthesizer, EWI
Carlos Vega Drums
Robert Vosgien Digital Editing, Editing
David Gibb Graphic Design
Dan Serrano Graphic Design
Andy Baltimore Graphic Design, Creative Director
Takashi Misu Producer
Tetsu Hoshika Producer
Larry Kilmas Sax (Tenor)
Jimmy Johnson Bass
Yoshinobu Kojima Synthesizer, Piano
Lenny Castro Percussion
Luis Conte Percussion
Brandon Fields Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sax (Alto)
David Garfield Arranger, Producer, Keyboards, Sequencing
Larry Klimas Sax (Tenor)
Yasuo Kojima Piano
Yoshinobu Kouma Piano

Sep 23, 2016

Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery - Further Adventures of Jimmy & Wes (Verve 60th Aniversary Japan 24 bit Mini-LP Edition)(1966)

Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery - Further Adventures of Jimmy & Wes (Verve 60th Aniversary Japan 24 bit Mini-LP Edition)(1966)
(Verve Japan, issued 2004)
This is the sort of thing that will place high in the results of an internet search on the phrase "roots of acid jazz." Organist Jimmy Smith and guitarist Wes Montgomery were already titans of the jazz world before they teamed up, and FURTHER ADVENTURES, their second album together, enhanced the legends of both men. For the most part, it's a slow-burning affair full of simmering grooves, laid-back solos, and hypnotic riffs. The tone is exemplified by a mellow jazz/bossa nova version of the '60s pop hit "Call Me," digging deeply into a loungey feel. Interestingly, though, bop boss Montgomery pulls the bluesy Smith into his own axis on a version of "'Round Midnight" (not included in Japan version) that finds Smith venturing into more harmonically adventurous territory than usual.
1. "King of the Road" (Roger Miller)
2. "Maybe September" (Percy Faith, Ray Evans, Jay Livingston)
3. "O.G.D. (aka Road Song)" (Wes Montgomery)
4. "Call Me" (Tony Hatch)
5. "Milestones" (Miles Davis)
6. "Mellow Mood" (Jimmy Smith)

Recorded in New York on September 21 & 28, 1966. Originally issued on Verve (8766).

Personnel: Jimmy Smith (organ); Wes Montgomery (guitar); Jerome Richardson (flute, clarinet, woodwinds); Danny Bank (flute, bass clarinet, woodwinds, baritone saxophone); Bob Ashton (flute, woodwinds, tenor saxophone); Phil Woods (clarinet, woodwinds, alto saxophone); Clark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn); Ernie Royal, Joe Newman , Jimmy Maxwell (trumpet); Dick Hixson, Jimmy Cleveland, Melba Liston, Quentin Jackson (trombone); Tony Studd (bass trombone); Grady Tate (drums); Ray Barretto (percussion).

Ted Dunbar-Gentle Time Alone (1991)

Ted Dunbar-Gentle Time Alone (1991)
(SteepleChase record, Japan Version, issued 1992)

Ted Dunbar is one of many talented jazz artists who is better known for his teaching career than as a performer, though he had plenty to offer when he took part in an occasional recording session. The guitarist leads a quartet (with bassist Ray Drummond, pianist Mickey Tucker, and drummer David Jones) through nine originals, adding flutist Dotti Anita Taylor on two selections. The comparisons to Wes Montgomery are immediate, with a strong tone and a fluid hard bop feeling. Among the highlights are the upbeat "Land of the Rising Sun" and the funky but intricate "Convergent Blues II." Sadly, this release turned out to be his final recording as a leader prior to his death in 1998. - by Ken Dryden

1. On The Bright Side
2. Neeta
3. Land Of The Rising Sun
4. On Return
5. Gentle Time Alone
6. D Flat Rhythm Song
7. Convergent Blues II
8. Tight-Loose
9. In Reverence

Ray Drummond (bass)
Ted Dunbar (guitar)
David Jones (drums)
Mickey Tucker (piano)

Sep 21, 2016

Nguyên Lê PURPLE - Celebrating Jimi Hendrix

ACT 9410-2 Nguyên Lê PURPLE - Celebrating Jimi Hendrix
Recorded at Studio Davout, Studio Louxor, Paris, France and Systems Two, New York, New York between May & June 2002.

Personnel: Nguyen Le (synhtesizer, guitar); Terri Lyne Carrington (vocals, drums); Aida Khann, Corin Curschellas (vocals); Bojan Zulfikarpasic (piano, Fender Rhodes pinao); Meshell Ndegeocello, Michel Alibo (electric bass); Karim Ziad (percussion).

1.    1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)
2.    Manic Depression - (African Languages)
3.    Are You Experienced
4.    Purple Haze5.    Burning of the Midnight Lamp
6.    If 6 Was 9 - (African Languages)
7.    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - (African Languages)
8.    South Saturn Delta
9.    Up From the Skies
10.    Third Stone From the Sun

Sep 19, 2016

Doug Raney - Back In New York (1997)

Doug Raney - Back In New York
(Steeplechase Records., issued 1997)
The quartet featured in this 1996 recording session for Steeplechase was put together on the spot in New York, just for this date, though Doug Raney and his rhythm section quickly made themselves sound as if they were a regular working group. Raney's approach to the guitar is often spacious on ballads, never too busy on up-tempo numbers, and always focused around the melody. Accompanied by pianist Michael Weiss, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Kenny Washington, the quartet's head arrangements of the seven standards on the CD seem to come together effortlessly. The intimate approach to "Skylark" starts slowly, but gives way to a brisk, more complex development of its theme. The rhythm section swirls behind Raney in a driving rendition of "All or Nothing at All," and also features a fine solo by Weiss. Of particular interest is Raney's careful development of "I'm Old Fashioned." Highly recommended. -by Ken Dryden

1. I'm Old Fashioned
2. For Heaven's Sake
3. Touch of Your Lips, The
4. Skylark
5. All or Nothing at All
6. I Wanna Talk About You
7. Get out of Town

Doug Raney (guitar)
Scott Colley (bass)
Kenny Washington (drums)
Michael Weiss (piano)

Sep 18, 2016

Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney - Nardis - To Bill Evans (Vinyl Rip)(1983)

The son of legendary guitarist Jimmy Raney, Doug Raney has understandably been heavily influenced by his father. He's an impressive soloist, and utilizes almost identical full tones, crisp chording, and fluid voicings. He made his first recording with his father and Al Haig in the mid-'70s, then did duo dates with his dad in the late '70s. Raney recorded for Steeplechase in the '70s and '80s, and Criss Cross in the '80s. He recorded with Chet Baker and Bernt Rosengren, and played in Horace Parlan's band. Raney has a couple of sessions available on CD.

1. There'll Never Be Another You
2. I Can't Get Started
3. All God's Children Got Rhythm
4. What's New
5. Nardis
6. Easy To Love

Doug Raney (guitar)
Jimmy Raney (guitar)

Sep 17, 2016

Gary Peacock and Bill Frisell - Just So Happens (1994)

Pairing two Jazz & music legends, this CD, Gary Peacock & Bill Frisell: Just So Happens, presents the fascinating combination of celebrated bassist Gary Peacock with eclectic guitar guru Bill Frisell. Together, the duo construct original compositions, play a poignant, affecting version of "Good Morning Heartache," and surprise the listener with their fresh interpretations of two traditional American tunes, "Home on the Range" and " Red River Valley." Just So Happens also features Peacock playing bowed bass for the first time on a recording since his work with Albert Ayler in the 1960's.
"4 Stars…Peacock turns in a masterful, always musical performance, and…
his warm, woody tone [is recorded] with exceptional presence and depth.”
- Down Beat Magazine
One the most melodically inclined bassist in Jazz, Gary Peacock has become a renowned figure in Jazz by performing his daring, warm yet big, fluid yet pensive, bass sounds alongside renowned musicians such as Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, and Keith Jarrett. His collaborator for this musical expedition is the famed guitarist Bill Frisell. Whether performing classic Jazz standards with Elvis Costello or ambient musings & abstractions alongside John Zorn, Bill Frisell’s style is uncontainable. His awesome technique and ability to control the timbres and harmonics of his instrument creates a astonishingly original sound that transcends the constraints of style, making the resonances from his guitar recognizable whether he is playing Jazz, Folk, World or Rock music.
"a riveting duet…for its wealth of uncanny empathy, liberal doses of chance-taking, and raw-boned musicality, Just So Happens is one of the finest jazz albums of the year."                                                                                                     - Jazziz
For this Postcards CD, Gary Peacock & Bill Frisell: Just So Happens, Bill Frisell, who plays both acoustic & electric guitar on the recording, and Bass giant Gary Peacock create an imaginative album that while simultaneously respecting and reflecting the influence of Jazz, also constructs a new music that pushes past its traditional boundaries. In short, the recording is a magical collaboration between two astounding artists.


 1. Only Now
 2. In Walked Po
 3. Wapitis Dream
 4. Home on the Range I
 5. Home on the Range II
 6. Through a Skylight
 7. Red River Valley
 8. Reciprocity
 9. Good Morning, Heartache
10. N.O.M.B.
11. Just So Happens

Gary Peacock - bass
Bill Frisell - guitars

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